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The 10—Day Gi Diet Plan

The 10-Day Gi Diet
Lose up to an inch off your waist

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The glycaemic index (GI) is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and keep it off, without having to go hungry. GI diets work because they encourage slow carbs, not low carbs. Glycaemic load (GL) is based on GI and quantity of carbohydrate, though this can mean going low carb. Neither on its own gives you the complete picture.

The Gi Plan (GiP) goes further — it combines GI, quantity of carbs, good commonsense nutrition and inspiring tools to change your eating behaviour.

But what if you feel you need a kick start to a new, healthier you?
What if you worry your new year‘s resolution to eat better and shift those pounds might not last until the end of January?

This is a simple, easy-to-follow, kick-start that offers visible results in just 10 days.

Respected nutritionist Azmina Govindji and life coach Nina Puddefoot have the solution.  Combining scientifically based weight loss strategies with upbeat, motivational tips, they have designed a punchy, practical and fun 10-day plan that will help you start your weight loss with a bang and then convert you to a healthier eating plan for life.


The 10-Day Gi Diet provides a flexible, realistic and forgiving approach to dieting.  It is not about avoiding or restricting foods, but simply eating what you like within healthy boundaries &emdash; even with pizza, alcohol and chocolate thrown in! 

Based on a simple system that uniquely takes into account not only the GI value of foods but also energy density (calories weight for weight) and portion sizes, this revolutionary book will allow you to fit GI eating into your lifestyle no matter how hectic.

More than just another diet plan, The 10-Day Gi Diet offers a holistic and enjoyable approach to weight loss, and healthy eating.   And for the first time, you‘ll be able to see dramatic results from a GI diet in just 10 days!

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The reason why I have agreed to write this Foreword is firstly because of my respect for the credibility and experience of the authors, and secondly because this book encourages balanced eating in a way that surpasses simply focusing on glycaemic index.  For any diet to be effective, it really needs to encompass a wide range of nutrients and be in line with recommendations for balanced healthy eating.  It should also allow a weight loss of around 1-2 lbs a week rather than a drastic loss in a short period of time. The Gi Plan encourages foods from all the five main food groups, even allowing you the odd to treat of chocolate, alcohol or peanuts. If you take away a favourite food completely, you are going to feel even more deprived.  The flexibility within this plan allows you to enjoy all your favourite foods, eat six times a day and still keep to a healthy weight loss plan.

Losing weight is simply a matter of taking in fewer calories as food compared to those calories you use up in your daily activities.  So for a GI diet to work properly, you must watch your calorie intake.  Az and Nina have created a system here that automatically helps you to watch your calories whilst keeping to low GI foods.  This to me is the crux of their success.  Within this, they package healthy eating advice and a host of motivational boosters that come from their tried and tested techniques. You can go out and buy any diet book, but without first addressing your relationship with food, that diet is likely to have a short lived effect.  This book addresses the underlying causes of being overweight and then by challenging your thinking, you are guided to build a healthier relationship with food.  Equipped with this, you are then given practical nutritional and GI advice all backed up with good scientific evidence.  There just isn‘t another book on the market that covers this and a unique system that incorporates GI and calories.

My personal interest lies with waist management.  In my many years of reading professional journals, my view is that by focusing on reducing your waist measurement to a healthy level, you are more likely to reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Az and Nina have also focused here on waist measurement and there is research to suggest that low GI diets are effective in helping to reduce abdominal fat storage.

But simply reading a book is not going to give you that perfect shape.  I encourage you to, deep inside yourself, really take on board the wisdom in these pages.  Set aside that weekend of preparation time.  If you are prepared with the right foods in your store —cupboard and the right mentality to put in the small amount of effort that is needed, you‘re more likely to succeed.  Fill in the sections in the Practical Tools at the back, because actively writing down your goals or recording your achievements helps towards achieving lasting success.

And importantly, support from others such as friends, family or a group of people, can encourage you to get the results you want &emdash; there is good research on this. So, for your continued success, I recommend you consider attending the Gi Plan workshops which are mentioned under Further Support and Information.  By attending an inspirational day which helps you to put all these tips into practice and share issues and successes with others, you are more likely to be able to stay on track.

You have picked up this book because you are ready to make a change.  That change could last for 10 days or it could last for a lifetime.  Your initial motivation may be to just try it out for 10 days, and that is often one of the best ways to tackle anything.  If you want to clear out your filing cabinet, it‘s far easier to think of doing one drawer at a time, or even a few files at a time. So try out these 10 days, choosing from the tempting menu ideas and taking on board the fitness bursts and motivational guidance. My sense is that once you notice the benefits, you will be encouraged to carry on.  Indeed, it is the intention of the authors to encourage you to enjoy balanced low GI eating in the long term. They will guide you through a more relaxed second phase, called the Lose-it Phase, after the 10 days and then ease you into the Keep-it Phase, which helps you to maintain your new healthier figure.

I wish you the very best of luck. You‘ve come to the right place.

Dr Chris Steele M.B., Ch.B, GP, Resident doctor on ITV‘s This Morning

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Contents (Chapter Headings)

  1. GI and the Gi Plan
  2. The 10-day Gi diet explained
  3. Getting ready for day one — create a wicked weekend
  4. Your 10-day plan
  5. Celebration Friday!
  6. Beyond 10 days
  7. The Top 100 Tips Section
  8. The recipes
    — about the recipes
    — recipe list
    — the recipes
    — conversion list
  9. The tables
    — how to use the GiP table
    — The guidelines
    — The tables (by food groups)
    — The tables (in alphabetical order)
  10. Practical tools
    — New You Benefits
    — Your Fitness Burst Chart
    — Your Achievements
    — Hunger Rating
    — Your Goals
    — Practice the Plate
    — Rewards
    — Distractions
    — Waist and Weight Progress Chart
    — Food and Mood Diary
    —  De-Clutter
  11. Further support and information

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An Extract from the Book

Day three, Thursday (all recipes in the 10-day Gi diet book)
Four tablespoons Bran flakes with 200 mls (1/3 pint) skimmed or semi skimmed milk
Glass of tomato juice with a dash of Worcester sauce
You can swap this for any 4 GiP cereal of your choice (see tables in the book).


2 teaspoons peanut butter and half a sliced banana on one slice of bread or toast. Put the other half of the banana in the fridge for sautéed bananas tonight.

No time for breakfast?
Settle for some nuts and sultanas (or raisins) on the way to work. Mix 20 grams of peanuts (almost a half of a small 50g pack, or about 2 tablespoons) with a tablespoon of sultanas (they have a lower GI than raisins, but you can have raisins if you prefer).

Mid-morning booster
Mug of lentil soup (canned, bought, dried or home-made)


Tesco probiotic orange or cranberry drink (Low Gi)
2 dried apricots

Ham and mustard sandwich: two slices multigrain bread, spread generously with coarse grain mustard, two slices ham, sliced beef tomato, piles of watercress.
Sugar-free jelly

Clever clogs — use coarse grain mustard instead of butter.  Keep the GiPs low and the taste high.


Ricotta cheese and spinach wrap: mix together a small tub of ricotta cheese with quarter of a diced red pepper and baby spinach leaves.  Season and pile into a wholemeal or white tortilla wrap 
3 plums

Mid afternoon pick-me-up
One pear and an apple


Knorr Vie apple/carrot/strawberry shot


"Wow — this hot and sour soup you must try! All those mouth—watering flavours dancing around with the delicate munch (crunch??) of the vegetable. And that slight kick to finish off! You better make a huge bowlful (and invite me over!)"

GiP-free hot and sour soup
Sesame prawn toast
GiP-free tossed green salad (simply mix together your favourite green salad vegetables such as crispy lettuce, rocket, baby spinach, watercress, celery and cucumber.  Throw in some chopped herbs such as flat leaf parsley or coriander and flavour with lime or lemon juice.  Season to taste)
Fresh orange or sautéed bananas using leftover banana from breakfast

GiP-free means unlimited amounts!


10-minute Mushroom stroganoff
Simple bulgur wheat or aromatic basmati rice
GiP-free roasted vegetables, or salad vegetables in fat—free dressing
Fresh satsuma or sautéed bananas using leftover banana from breakfast

Evening comforter (optional)
One Rich tea biscuit with a hot drink using milk from allowance


Diet hot chocolate made up from a sachet with water or skimmed milk

Stay Gip-fit
Improve your posture and flatten that tummy immediately. Pull in your stomach muscles tightly, stand as tall as you can, with your shoulders back, chest up and head high. Try it out in the mirror.  Good posture can give you an air of confidence. Do this daily soon after you wake up or as you’re setting off for work.

Your two-minute springboard!
Just for a couple of minutes, reflect on your day and notice the positive things that you‘ve done. This could be as simple as walking to the coffee machine rather than asking someone to get a drink for you, or resisting the iced buns in the morning. Every positive action contributes to the new you.  Here‘s your chance to feel elated, not deflated.  Turn to the practical tools section and list at least three achievements from today.

Moment of Awareness

Carry this awareness with you today.
During the hustle and bustle of daily life, if you catch yourself straying, learn and train yourself to catch yourself in the moment. For example, if that extra glass of wine appears to have your name on it, pause and ask yourself how, what you are about to do is taking you nearer to your goal? If it isn‘t, make another choice there and then, in the moment. Remind yourself of how great it is to wake up fresh and energized in the morning, knowing that you‘ve stuck with your 10—day plan and resisted those extra calories. 

What you dwell on you bring into existence
Have you ever thought it weird or somewhat of a coincidence when you have been constantly thinking about buying something? Let‘s suppose it‘s this years‘ must have handbag. Isn‘t it curious that all of a sudden you keep seeing people with it or one that‘s similar? Or pictures of it pop up, what appears to be everywhere! Not so, there‘s no such thing as coincidence. It‘s simply a case of what you put your concentration on, you create as part of your reality.

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Reviews and quotes


"GI alone may not be enough, the Gi Plan links glycaemic index to energy
intake, a link most likely to lead to weight loss."

Dr Tony Leeds
Senior Lecturer, King‘s College, University of London

"An easy-to-read, practical guide. Recommended to anyone who wants a healthier, more painless way to lose weight and keep it off."

Richard R. Rubin, PhD, CDE
Associate Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"Azmina has energy and drive and writes with infectious enthusiasm. Despite never deviating from what‘s scientifically supportable she makes the concept of GI straightforward and accessible to all. A diet of the moment which will stand the test of time."

Angela Dowden R.Nutr., Registered Nutritionist and health writer for Daily Mail, Zest, Daily Mirror & Daily Express

"For those with diabetes, losing weight and stabilising blood glucose levels may seem an unachievable goal. Evidence has shown that not only can Gi offer the opportunity to do exactly that, but with this comes the added benefit of potentially reducing the risk of long-term complications. In their inimitable way and with their excellent communication skills, Azmina and Nina have made that target appear more attainable.

Our aim is to improve understanding and encourage good self-management skills. Az and Nina are able to communicate Gi in an easy to understand way, encouraging more people to adopt an I can do it approach."

Sarah Bone
Executive Director
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

"In this practical book, Azmina Govindji makes it very easy for anyone to kick—start a low GI diet for healthy weight loss with her quick and easy menus and recipes that you‘ll want to try time and again."

Professor Jennie Brand—Miller
Professor of Human Nutrition, the University of Sydney and author of The Low GI Diet

"The GI diet is excellent I‘d recommend it as a safe and effective approach to weight loss for anyone who cares about their health but loves their food"

Sue Baic, RD, Lecturer in Nutrition, University of Bristol

"Feedback from patients in my clinic on low GI eating been very encouraging. A shocking revelation to South Asians; a diet complementary to Asian food, with the benefit of permanent weight loss. A diet based on GI and overall balance can help reduce the incidence of heart disease and diabetes in South Asians."

Leena Sankla, Counselling Psychologist, Cardio Wellness

"I think the GI concept can really help people to understand what satiety is all about. Using the GI of foods as a basis for menu planning (alongside good basic balanced eating of course!) is a very good way to help the body to relearn appropriate appetite cues."

Jennette Higgs RD, Registered Dietitian

"The concept of a low GI diet has been of significant use with a much wider group of clients than I first anticipated. Not only does it have a positive effect on stabilising blood sugars for those with diabetes and obesity, but it also clearly spills over into helping with the management of symptoms of other conditions, for example, PMT and depression. I have found the low GI diet a very useful tool in my work with people who are working hard to recover from a severe eating disorder."

Mary McDermott RD, Freelance and Specialist Dietitian (Eating Disorders), Ipswich


This is an inspiring, holistic approach to managing your relationship with food. Not only is it rich in information around healthy eating but the authors have done all the hard work for the reader including putting together menu plans, no fuss recipes and shopping lists! The motivational angle provides the switch that makes the difference in how to make the sustainable and maintainable changes required to successfully achieve your inch loss goals. The book provides a consistent, real feel good, "I can do it", factor, throughout. Hugely recommended!

Pat Naylor, Art of Intuition

"I am so encouraged by what I have read, that I also logged onto the website and found heaps of info. I have tried every diet plan going with the same results (poor)I cant wait to get started. I am so excited about this, I am only sorry I never came across Gi-Plan sooner".

"I‘d like to say thank you for giving me another chance to lose this weight I‘ve been carrying around for years. I received your little free book with slimming magazine and it encouraged me to buy your full Gi Plan so I am going to give it a fair trial. I have tried to lose weight before but I’ve always failed in the end and regained anything I ever lost."

"I only started to follow the plan on Thursday last and I am amazed to find that I have not actually felt hunger pangs since I began. And having throughout my whole life suffered with severe constipation, I am already finding this is so much improved. Determined to carry on with the GI Plan".

"I find it such a practical book with a commonsense approach." site visitors


"Azmina Govindji is an authoritative voice in nutrition, in a world where
faddy diets that can put people‘s health at risk are all too common. Popular
among countless celebrities, a low GI diet allows you to shed pounds but
still maintain a healthy intake of carbs, protein and all the essential
elements our bodies require that can be neglected in other diets. It‘s all
about a sensible approach to food give it a go!"

Lisa Pollen, Features Editor, Star magazine

"So many diets are strict, faddy and just not sustainable in the long term, so Azmina’s GI plan is a refreshing change. Sensible and easy to follow, it’s so varied you’ll forget you’re on a diet! A nutritionist and registered dietician, Azmina knows her stuff — and it shows."

Charlotte Haigh, Freelance health writer, Mirror, Zest, New Woman and Slimming.

"I‘m a firm believer in healthy eating plans, not strict diets — make use of expert research to ensure you strike an eating and exercise balance to suit your lifestyle."

Jo Schulz, Editor, Commit to Get Fit magazine

Press Cuttings

"the healthiest and most efficient way to lose weight....Their diet and fitness plan can help you lose weight without deprivation and without you having to give up your favourite foods...for the first time you will actually be able to enjoy getting slim quickly and healthily."
Daily Mail, 30th August

"will help you lose weight without starving yourself or having to give up your favourite foods. Nutritionally sound, scientifically based and completely un—faddy, it’s the diet that will get you to the weight you want to be and keep you there for good"
Daily Mail, 24th May

"Hmm carbs. If they‘re your favourite food get on the GI diet....Good foods include peanuts, spaghetti and milk chocolate. And they call it a diet...? Brilliant news!"
New Woman, June 2004

"not just another faddy way to shed pounds, but a sensible eating plan for life"
Daily Mirror, 15th July 2004

"A solid and scientific way to keep the pounds off"
Woman, 10th May 2004

"an easy way to follow it (GI Diet)....The book features an easy—to—follow diet that still includes plenty of carbs. But, best of all, it‘s guaranteed to leave you with a bikini body that you can‘t wait to show off on the beach"
Closer, 26th June 2004

"Not a quick fix plan, this book also encourages you to learn healthy principles that will help keep the weight from coming back"
Slimmer, Healthier, Fitter, Sept 2004

". . the new kid on the block is the GI diet, and it gets a big thumbs up from most health experts...clear, practical guide that includes great recipes, plus advice on beating snack attacks and eating out"
BBC Good Food magazine July 2004

" . . worthy of attention for anyone wanting sound weight reducing advice. Azmina’s nutritional background and Nina’s expertise in NLP make this book an enjoyable read.  An impressive list of testimonials by dietitians and doctors from academia and media support this interesting book."
British Dietetic Association Dietetic Adviser, July 2004

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