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Snack Attack!

Paul: "I used to be starving just before mealtimes and so ended up overeating a lot. Since I started having snacks between meals even when I wasn't hungry, I no longer feel ravenous as meal-times."

We recognise that snacks play and important part in our daily diet, whether we're sliming or not. With GiP eating, snacks they can be your best friends as they help you to keep blood sugar steady.

What's more, they can positively help you watch that waistline since a feeling of fullness means you're less likely to raid the fridge as soon as you drop your briefcase in the hallway. Good snacking means having a healthy relationship with all foods.

The Gi Plan actually forces you to have snacks. The book has a whole chapter devoted to snacks, but here are some examples of low-GiP alternative snacks.

Eat thisInstead ofSave
OatcakesRice cakes3.5 GiPs
Walnut halves (half a dozen)Pretzels3 GiPs
2 Cream crackers2 Water biscuits4.5 GiPs
Roasted peanuts 25g (half-pack)Crisps (small packet 25g)3.5 GiPs
Chocolate chip Muffin, American styleRing Doughnut2.5 GiPs
Fun size Snickers bar (19g)Milk chocolate (4 square pieces)4 GiPs
1 Pitta bread1 Baguette (individual)4 GiPs

The Comfort Cushion

Food only fills a physical hole not an emotional need. If you become more aware of the underlying feeling that causes you to overeat, you are more able to make some changes by doing something different. You can regain control and experiment with new and healthier ways to meet this same need.

You may wish to keep a daily Food and Mood Diary (sample in the book) that will highlight the emotional need that causes you to reach for certain snacks, for example, boredom, stress, comfort, security or any other challenging feelings that you are striving to manage.

Remind yourself. 'What would have to happen, that is within my control, for this need to be met in a healthy and functional way?' Before you reach for solace in that 'naughty but nice food', remind yourself if choosing this is taking you nearer to the 'new' you and if it isn't, choose again!

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