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The GiP Diet

What's so sexy about GiP?

Just dieting with glycaemic index doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose weight, because you could be filling up on low Gi but high calorie foods. The Gi Plan (GiP) importantly takes calories into account so that achieving your target weight is all part of the offering. Top this with tried and tested behavioural and willpower tips and you end up with an ingenious cocktail of weight loss strategies.

The crux of the Gi Plan is a simple table of foods with their GiP values. The tables, which can be found in the book, list hundreds of everyday food items with their GiP values. The GiPs have been calculated for you based on the Gi and calories of these foods. Totting up your daily GiPs is integral to keeping to the Gi Plan and reaching your target body shape and weight. Check out the tables in Part 3 of the Book.

The beauty of the GiP system is that the experts have done all the calculating for you, so all you have to do is simply add up the GiPs you're eating for the day. The system automatically takes into account:

making the diet healthy, slimming and practical. How easy is that?

The Gi Plan uniquely incorporates the glycaemic index, calories as well as good nutritional guidelines which you cannot achieve using GI alone.

The GiP System

The system is really very easy. Food items have been given a certain number of GiPs. Now imagine that you're given a pot of GiPs each day, which you can spend to eat the foods you want. Just like you would spend money to buy food from a market, here you can choose which foods you spend your GiPs on that day. So you are in control of what you eat.

Here are the GiP rules:

  1. Eat three meals and three snacks every day
  2. Keep as close as you can to your daily GiPs
  3. Have one meal carb at each meal, and 2-3 servings for protein each day
  4. Picture your plate in quarters and remember very very pretty carbs
  5. Have at least one low GiP food at each meal and snack
  6. Picture the new you every day -a past photograph will help
  7. Have at least two 10-minute bursts of reasonably intense physical activity every day
  8. Choose a balanced day by having a variety of foods from the different food groups

Picture your plate (GiP Rule 4)

Picture your plate
Picture Your Plate Model
(May be used by acknowledging the source as "The Gi Plan")

A great tip for helping you to choose wisely and automatically have a balanced, slimming yet filling meal, is to imagine your plate is split into four quarters. Now, fill two of these quarters with veg (such as crunchy broccoli and carrots), one with low Gi carbs (such as aromatic sweet potatoes), and one with protein (such as char-grilled meat or fish).

Take this mental picture with you whenever you sit down to a meal. To help you, just remember the letters v v p c - or "veggie veggie protein carbs"

The GiP Phases

Start-it -> Lose-it -> Keep-it

The Gi Plan is split into three phases. Each has been carefully designed to guide you to your desired goal in an optimum way. It is important that you follow the instructions below to reach your target weight and stay there.

Start-it Phase: The Start-it phase is designed to kick-start your weight loss, but is only appropriate for the first two weeks. During this phase you are likely to lose weight reasonably quickly. As with any weight loss plan, most of the initial weight loss is just water.

Lose-it Phase: The second phase, Lose-it, allows you more daily GiPs. This is designed to help you (eat more and) lose weight more steadily and sensibly. The British Dietetic Association recommends that the ideal rate of weight loss is around 1-2 lbs (1/2-1kg) per week.

The key to long term weight loss: lose 1-2 lbs per week and no more!

Keep-it Phase: One you've reached a more desirable weight, the GiP system helps you keep hold of your new lifestyle. You are in charge of how many GiPs you need to keep you slim and fit.

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