The Gi Plan: Lose Weight Forever
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The GiP Diet

"The healthy low GI foods that the diet recommends make a whole lot of sense. This simple system offers a novel, down-to-earth, achievable and sustainable programme all rolled into one."
Foreword by Dr Hilary Jones, ITV‘s GMTV

"Not only do I look better and feel good, I know that my kids are also eating healthy food without us really having to try. I wish this book was around years ago - I’d recommend it to anyone"
Paul, (Gi Plan dieter)

"I’m not dieting but eating more healthily"
Hazel, (Gi Plan dieter)

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The Hot Body Plan


"No, it's not another diet but a chance to question and change personal body and food attitudes. It's like a personal coaching, food educating, fitness regime all rolled into one, and at a great price too."

The Hot Body Plan, by Azmina Govindji RD and Nina Puddefoot

Voted one of the 10 best diet and fitness books by,

15 August 2008

The Hot Body Plan isn’t about avoiding your favourite foods; it’s about asking yourself which choice you’d rather make. It’s about equipping you with a treasure chest of tools and lots of swap lists so that you can choose the food or snack that’s just right for any given moment. And if you’re a party animal, chances are that you’ll want to let your hair down. So when you’re at a party, this isn’t about sitting around with a few carrot sticks on your plate. We will show you how to prepare yourself throughout the week so that you can enjoy your hot body plan with a clear conscience, alcohol included!

The Gi Plan — more than just GI or GL, it’s unique and it works

"A slimmer you in just 10 days. It’s based on tried and tested scientific principles, which means it’s a diet that really works, and you could lose up to an inch from your waist in just 10 days."
The Mail on Sunday, January 8, 2006

The 10-day Gi Diet
  • 10 days, four steps, flexible and fun
  • tasty, slow carb menu choices, recipes and ready-made shopping list
  • hundreds of everyday foods in the unique GiP system
  • motivating ways to change your relationship with food
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* delicious recipes * menu plans * exercise advice * help beating snack attacks * willpower boosters *

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Leading UK nutritionist & dietitian Azmina Govindji RD and life coach Nina Puddefoot have designed a practical guide to make GI work for you. Combining scientifically based weight loss strategies with upbeat, motivational tips, Az & Nina have designed a punchy, practical and fun 10-day plan that will help you start your weight loss with a bang - and then convert you to a healthier eating plan for life.

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