The Gi Plan: Lose Weight Forever The Gi Plan
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Motivation Boosters

'If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.'

Become the bodyguard of your own thinking

Even with the most effective dietary advice, your new way of eating might be short-lived. Preparing yourself mentally with a resourceful and positive mental attitude, is key.

Your actions and the choices that you make in life, including the foods that you select, come from your thoughts. As you think it, so you become it. Practice thinking of yourself as the new you, as if you've already become that person. Perhaps, see yourself as fit, energetic, slim, confident and healthy.

The easiest way of getting what you want is to act as if you've already got it or become it. Acting in this way, you are more likely to choose the healthier foods in line with the Gi Plan because it fits with your view of yourself as a healthy dude!

Try this exercise as many times, daily.

Remember to enjoy your life in the moment and along the way, too. Make your journey as important as the destination. When you develop the mental approach to enjoy life now, you'll more than likely have it in the future, too. If you don't, you won't!

A Family Affair

The Ricchiuti family followed these principles, daily. The results within three months were amazing. Dad opted for a healthy and balanced approach in his food choices. He thoroughly looked forward to his daily workout sessions at the gym and his confidence grew considerably. He learnt to use a computer (previously a technophobe!) and began to communicate more openly with his lovely wife, which has enriched the quality of their relationship.

Mum lost the most weight and reached her happy weight effortlessly! As a result of this, her confidence and self-esteem grew considerably and this encouraged her to apply for a new job that she so wanted. She was ecstatic! She'd landed her ideal job.

The 8 year old daughter developed a love affair with vegetables (she couldn't stand them before!), and now chooses them willingly, because she knows that they're good for her! Her teachers noticed that her concentration had improved 100%, since she stopped having fizzy drinks.

The son, 14 years old, is enjoying the improved relationship he has with his family and loves the increased fun activities that they now share. His skin has improved and he is noticeably enjoying eating a lot more fruit.

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