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Eating out the GiP way

Eating out is one of the pleasures of life, and it can be part of your new healthier Gi lifestyle. Whether it's a business lunch, dinner with friends or family, or a fast food take-away when you're on the move.

As you sit in the restaurant or queue for the burger, think about the choices and the likely consequences before you order. Concentrate on the new you and what some of the wise choices will be, that are likely to get you nearer to your goal. Perhaps it'll be that sense of increased energy levels, the boost in confidence and self-esteem you are getting, and all the other benefits as you get nearer to that ideal, happy weight.

Eating Italian

Italian food is not pizza and pasta, many menus feature grilled meats, chicken and seafood dishes served with plenty of fresh vegetables, all of which can be healthier choices. Here are a couple of Gi Plan tips:

Eating Indian

If you're ordering group dishes, be careful how much you eat. This is a common pitfall in Indian, Chinese and Thai restaurants. Give yourself a full plate at the start of the meal, eat slowly, and stop when you've finished. Indian cuisine can be Gi Plan-friendly. Just avoid the high-fat fried foods and heavy, butter-based sauces:

Eating Chinese

A Chinese menu will feature plenty of vegetables, rice and noodles with lots of low-Gi, low-fat dishes to choose from. Using chopsticks makes you eat more slowly, so you could end up using fewer GiP's!

Eating French

French restaurants serve many dishes that are drenched in rich creamy sauces, but there will always be something on the menu that is healthy or can be made healthier:

Eating Mexican

Many of the food choices in Mexican restaurants can be high Gi and are often fried or served with creamy sauces, so choose carefully:

'Breakfast at the greasy spoon'!

Not the easiest place to find healthier low Gi choices, but here we show you how:

In the sandwich bar

At your local café, pub, sandwich shop, garage or newsagents, sandwiches are readily available and are a quick and easy lunchtime option:

For more tips and boosters on party and buffet foods and fast foods on the move and more, see our chapter on Eating out the Gi Plan way.

Booster tip

A great tip for helping you choose wisely, ensuring a balanced, slimming yet filling meal, is to imagine your plate split into quarters. Now, fill two quarters with veg (such as crunchy broccoli and carrots), one with low-Gi carbs (such as aromatic sweet potatoes), and one with protein (such as chargrilled meat or fish). Carry the picture in your mind wherever you sit down to a meal.

See your plate perfectly proportioned and remind yourself of all the great results that this will bring you.

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