The Gi Plan: Lose Weight Forever The Gi Plan
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Some Reviews

"It's about eating, not guilt... It's about success through the right carbs, not missing out on your favourite carbs."
Foreword by Dr Hilary Jones, ITV's GMTV

"I lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks! I can't thank you enough for bringing me this plan because I don't feel I am going without anything and my low energy levels are a thing of the past!"
Christine Worne, (Gi Plan dieter)

" its application of Gi to a healthy diet, it probably goes further than any other Gi diet book out there and has all the makings of a well thought-out plan."
Dr Chris Steele, ITV's This Morning

"Thanks for your help - after 30 years of trying I am at last making progress."

"It's great to have a good sensible and accurate book on this approach written by a dietitian!!"
Amanda Wynne, Registered Dietitian

"I am on the road to losing weight and giving up smoking.. but I just want to say I feel so healthy.. look forward to every meal love the recipes and tell everyone about this just common sense book. I think it would be a great idea if you could do a recipe book as a follow up..oh and I now love roasted vegetables..."

"A solid and scientific way to keep the pounds off."
Woman May 2004

"GI is fast becoming a well-known name in weight loss, and if there's one diet likely to knock Atkins off the No 1 diet spot, it's this one (The GI Point Diet)."
Now (Star Diet & Fitness) Spring 2004

"The diet is perfect, I have had no choccy cravings and finding it all so easy to follow."
Pat Naylor (Gi Plan dieter)

"Nutritionally sound, scientifically based, and a complete un-faddy, it's the diet that will get you to the weight you want to be and keep it there - for good."
Daily Mail (May 2004)

"This is a great book for all those who want to lose weight without losing their health."
Dr Derrick Cutting, author of Stop that Heart Attack

"It looks as if GI-madness is on the way. GI-speak will soon be as common as carb-speak is now."
The Guardian (Nov 2003)

Media Coverage

The Gi Plan was successfully incorporated in ITV's documentary The Test (May 2004), and mentioned on This Morning (May 2004). Authors were interviewed on 5 Radio channels including BBC Radio 4.

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