The Gi Plan: Lose Weight Forever The Gi Plan
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The Gi Plan

The Gi Plan
Lose Weight Forever

Vermilion (7.99)
ISBN: 0091900093

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The glycaemic index (Gi) is one of the hottest topics in weight loss today. But dieting with just Gi may not help you lose weight, because you could be filling up on low Gi but high calorie foods. The Gi Plan goes further and takes calories into account so helping you reach your target weight.

It works because it's:

It includes:

If you hate dieting, this is for you! More than just another diet plan, this ingenious and delicious cocktail of sustainable weight loss strategies will have you slim and healthy forever.

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Contents (Chapter Headings)

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Chapter Extract: Your Introduction to the Gi Plan

Lose Weight Forever

Congratulations! By picking up this book you've made that all-important first step towards becoming the slimmer, healthier, happier 'you' that you want to be. Why? Because the GI Plan really works.

What are the three main reasons why dieters give up with other diet plans?

Number 1 - hunger. You just never feel satisfied.

The Gi Plan provides all the food you need to satisfy your hunger. We even order you to eat snacks between meals!

Number 2 - boring foods. You have to eat the very things you don't like.

The Gi Plan lets you eat normal foods. You choose the foods you like. Just keep to the generous portions and daily GiP allowance and you'll lose weight. And if you go mad occasionally - hey, that's allowed for too!

Number 3 - keeping to it. Who wants to feel they're on a permanent diet?

The Gi Plan helps you stay on track with its tried and tested motivational tools. You're not 'on a diet' - you're changing your life, for the better, for good.

So, what's the secret? Get ready to be gripped! It includes strategies that keep you focused and keep you full. If you haven't had much success with other diets, then be prepared to succeed this time, with flying colours. Boost your self-belief: you can achieve the goals you seek - today, now.

Follow the quick tips and guidelines and see the results for yourself - in your clothes, in your newfound confidence and in the flattering comments of friends, family and partner. Eating the foods you like while watching the pounds slide away and your waist reappear has never been so easy.

And here's a great bonus. You don't have to read the whole book before you get going. Just turn to our Quick Start Guide on page 1 and you can begin the Gi Plan right away, and take your first step towards becoming the person you want to be. Then, over the next few days, you can take your time to read through the book and discover how and why the Gi Plan really works. This is our little gift for you. The Gi Plan is your big gift to yourself!

This diet is about eating well. Chapter 9 is your comprehensive guide to balanced nutrition.

Here are the main benefits in a nutshell. The Gi Plan...

The result? You reach your target weight and size. And stay there!

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